SQUISH Halloween 6 Pack Regular Donuts


6 Pack of Halloween donuts available for pre-order online from Oct 25-31.


1) chocolate dip, oreo crumb, SQUISH worms (sweet fruity flavours)
2) strawberry jam filled, covered in powdered sugar, 2 red claw lines
3) red fondant dip, white drizzle, SQUISH *hot* skulls (cherry & vanilla cola flavours with a spicy jelly chili filling)
4) nutella filled, chocolate dip, halloween sprinkles, nutella rosette
5) boston cream filled, chocolate dipped, white spiderweb drizzle, SQUISH spider (fruit flavours of raspberry, apple, blackberry, strawberry and orange)
6) lemon filled, teal fondant, SQUISH brain (blueberry with a sour centre)

In partnership with SQUISH Candies


No Customizations will be accommodated.